The free one

The free one

Giclee $ 295 on paper (frame included)
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Limited edition giclee, signed, 50 x 30 cm
The aluminium/glass frame plus mat board makes a total of 65 x 46 cm

Once in a while I visit South-Africa and every time I’m confused after seeing the gated communities and shops with a fence and doorbell. I know why they are there and I see the almost impassable¬†problems the country has to deal with. The happy few have safely locked up themselves and the rest is free to wander and experience the rain.
Having grown up in Europe I don’t feel I am qualified to have an opinion, but I can’t refrain to ask myself; How happy are the few?
If you click on the detail image below, you can find a blogpost about my road trip through the Eastern Cape of South-Africa. And also the photos which brought the inspiration for this painting (opens in new window).

The free one detail

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