Mural in Newcastle

Most of you have already seen it on Facebook and Instagram, but I have to mention my milestone here too. For later, so that there can be a life before and after the mural in Newcastle. This project was part of “The Big Picture Fest” where 12 artists each got a wall to paint, which …


Rug on footpath

The footpath in our part of the street is very old and outdated, with a lot of cracks in it and endless patched up areas. I decided to created something artistic on it and see if people would like it. If not, then it would take me only 30 minutes to paint it back to …


What is art?

Once in a while every artist bumps on the same old question; What is art? During the years I’ve embraced different definitions about the concept of art. Also the nasty ones, like; – Art is just decoration – Art is someone else’s therapeutic crap – Art is overrated moneymaking, etcetera Probably not very different than …


Computer or drawing board?

Once in a while people ask me: “Do you use the computer for your paintings? Or the drawing board?” If people don’t see my paintings in real life, but just on a computer screen they even think my paintings are only digital images. In some way I find that a compliment; Apparently the scenes I …


How long does it take to finish 1 painting?

A difficult question, but understandable if you see the lot of detail. I use oil paints and every layer needs a week to dry. My paintings have about 5 or 6 layers. I work from the background to the foreground (of course), what means the background mostly only has 2 or 3 layers and in …


Bob’s Bird Barn postcard book

You know the story about Bob’s Bird Barn, right?Today all 22 painted birds on Bob’s Bird barn are now available in one postcard book! 350 grams silk print – A6 format $ 22 (plus $4 shipping within Australia)

Bob’s Bird Barn

For about a century this building in the center of Maitland, was home to the Carrington Hotel, which closed down in the 1980’s. Then came a pet store named Bob’s Bird Barn. But the last few decades the building is empty and neglected by the owner. To prevent more deterioration, the Council closed the windows …



Recently we have organised an art event called Artastique.The idea was: for 10 days in March 2019, businesses will team up with artists to display artworks in shop windows of Maitland’s High Street, for the public to view and enjoy.The vision for this community initiative is of an event that puts the visual arts on …


Mural Bourke Street link

In September the Maitland council did a call out to artists to come up with a idea for a 18 x 9 meter wall. Frank sent them a design based on one of my paintings, photoshopped on the wall. The council chose us to create it.We asked another artists (Andrew Bennett) to help us and …



What a surprise when I got called on a quiet Sunday afternoon.“You’ve won the first prize.”“WHAT???”“You have won the first prize!” Earlier I had entered The Waller Art Prize. An inaugural &prize exhibition, first held in October 2018 at Trades Hall in Bendigo. The Prize was initiated by in honour of Bendigo Artist & BendArts …


Can you hang it for me?

If you are between Nelson bay and Newcastle, we can deliver and hang the painting for you for a fee between $50 and $100

“What is the difference between a print and a giclee?”

“They are both printed, right?” Yes, technically they are both prints. But a newspaper is a print too. The gap between a giclee and the cheaper every day print is about the same as the gap between a print and a newspaper. The difference manifests itself in quality, durability and … ‘fact checking’. “Did you …


What inspires you?

To be quite honest, the conceptual stage of my art is often more elimination than inspiration. The initial idea usually appears when my mind is sort of idling, like when I?m traveling or taking a shower. Like many of us. From there it?s is primarily a matter of bringing the idea back to the essential. …


Business cards

I have ordered business cards. But before they have arrived I draw them myself. I photographed stains on the streets and used them as inspiration for a ‘creature’.?Often I only use the outlines. Sometimes they need some more (like the dog).

Which art school did you do?

A lot of people ask me what art school I did.Well, I didn’t. I’m self-taught. At high school I was a kind of self-chosen loner because of the unusual circumstances at home. Saving some distance between me and my school mates seemed to be a good idea to me back in those days, to prevent …


The other one ‘In Real Life’

While I’m living in Maitland for about 6 months now, I suddenly realised that a ‘detail’ of a painting I made a few years ago … was life sized visible, right around the corner of my house. Do you see it too?