Patricia Van Lubeck

Oil on canvas
Signed and certificated 51 x 41 cm
The aluminium frame is 56 x 46 cm

$ 2850 (framed)

Errol, born in Lisse, the Netherlands

Errol is a 55 years old Dutchman, working as head maintenance & engineering of the fleet of ambulances in a large hospital.
Last summer his weighing scales tipped 150 kilograms for the first time in his life. Hence he wanted to spend his 2 weeks summer holidays by cycling about 300 kilometres along the beach and lakes.

On the first night of his trip he met Edgar in a bar (another portrait). Edgar’s job is guarding the cabins on the beach to prevent people sleeping over in them. Out of intense boredom Edgar just had decided to get as drunk as humanly possible.
Our Errol found that a terrific idea.

After emptying three-quarters of a bottle of whisky Errol and Edgar sung Black Betty in karaoke for a full 20 minutes, to great enjoyment of the other guests. By the way of thanks for paying the bill, Edgar provided our big guy illegal access to one of the beach cabins, so he didn’t need to search for a hotel at 2 AM with his full loaded bike.

Edgar made it home by car, alive.
Errol is doing fine. After 6 months he already had lost 19 kilo’s.

Detail Errol