Available in different sizes, framed or not framed.
The sides are printed too.



Edgar (34 years) earns his money by working in beach pavilions. He builds them at the beginning of the summer, guards them at night and dismantles them at the end of the season.

Once in a while he gets a gig as musician. His voice is identical to the voice of Leonard Cohen. Unfortunately he doesn’t fully exploit his talent.

After the death of his father, he and his mum both live in one half of the same house. They hardly see each other.
In the not-maintained half of the garden, under a ramshackle shelter (once meant to keep firewood) Edgar stores his deeply beloved American classic car. Not seldom do his friends find him just sitting in the parked car, staring at the dead flies on the windscreen. He never has enough cash in his pocket to drive the car more than halfway to his job.




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Sizes (on canvas)

30 x 36 cm, 41 x 51 cm, 51 x 61 cm, 61 x 76 cm


No frame, Framed