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We all know those specific moments just before tumbling into that deaf world of sleep. Where you aren’t chained to make the best and logical decisions like during the day. And where flowing with the wind seems to be life in itself.
Or that moment right before the day starts again and you are trying to stay in the womb of the night for another couple of seconds. But just the awareness of your own attempt to grab the tail of your nightly journey, is enough to let it escape. And that brings you irrevocable back to the chilly clearness of a new day.

My whole life I wished I could find a way to catch the tail of my dreams. So I could pull it over my mind whenever I want to hide from the ordinary things in daily life.

After I had learned the techniques to portray my imaginations, my urge to capture the nightly views got stronger. It became ‘That Thing’ that I wanted to share with other people, without having the words ready.
My paintings got featured subjects like a train riding through the ocean waves or fish swimming in a street. But after a while I realised these were not the subjects I was hunting for. It were not even the dreams. It was just the atmosphere.
Now, years later, I found out that my deserted landscapes are the close as I can come to the atmosphere I have been chasing for.
This painting with the red-white road barrier imagines the frustration of not being able to stay in that status of nightly journeys.

This character is caught in thoughts going round and round in a vicious circle. On and on they go in the same direction. These thoughts could be about the problems you have, but they also can be something more positive; like plans that are lifting you up. Plans that luring you out of the fixed rounds you make in daily life.

Another meaning of this image could be the discovery of a solution. The sudden outlook on a certain direction you should choose. Just by shifting your view up from the labyrinth you are in.

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61 x 61 cm, 81 x 81 cm, 102 x 102 cm


No frame, Framed