Rugs in Morpeth

Six months after I painted the rug on the footpath in front of my door, I found a Call For Artists in my inbox. It was sent by Council and what they had in mind was quite similar of what I already had done. But on a larger scale. And they would like to have seen some references of the decorations of the houses around a specific location. The location was ‘Morpeth’, a touristic village 15 minutes from Maitland.

We had 8 days to finish it and the total surface to paint was about 200 square meters. It was a massive job to do in such a short time. Even more because we lost 2 days to rain. Also the fact it had to be done on coarse asphalt instead of smooth concrete made a big difference to our disadvantage.
In the end we haven’t been able to finish it exactly as we had in mind -unfortunately we had to skip some details- but this is how 4 rugs look like in Berkley Street and 1 federation styled pattern in Green Street.