'The naked one'

Oil on canvas
61 x 81 cm

The naked one is the one who has lost the urge of attitude.
Most of your life you may find it important to be neatly dressed up in public. To keep up your appearance and to look like the one you so badly want to be.

But sooner or later you will lose that layer of decor. You may be able to hold up until your last days, but at some point thou shalt.
Sometimes because you are tired of it and let it go by yourself. The dressed up ones may admire you for your courage and freedom.
Sometimes because your efforts are needed to hold onto something more important, like your own life or someone else’s life.

Some dressed up ones may laugh at you or be horrified, but you don’t care because you know their time is ticking too. And ha, some dressed up ones haven’t even noticed that their own coat has slid down long time ago.
It’s nothing else but the autumn of life, revealing the naked truth and getting able to see that same naked truth around you.